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Monday, August 1, 2011

Lets Marry the Romantic look with the Military and see what happens

This collection of Alexander McQueen's brightened my day. Sarah Burton, you rocked this collection (the Resort 2012 collection). It is so beautiful and I would like to share some of my favorite photos, but they are all beautful and you can check the full collection out on

This is just gorgeous and I don't have much to say beyond that.

I love this military jacket look. The lines of it are tough, yet girly at the same time with the belt and the subtle flare of the skirt. And look at those shoes. The ankle strap...another desire.

The jacket is sweet. Enough said. Well, one more comment. I like the use of the longer lengths in the skirts. Which gives the looks a more feminine, dare I say delicate(?) look.

Talk about a little black dress. This is my dream one. Sigh, alas I will never be able to attain...

This look makes me think of the Spanish matadors. No? Maybe so? Either way, the detailing is gorgeous.

(all photos courtesy of thank you for being so awesome!)

She really married the romantic with the military and it works. Everything is so structured and detailed and yet so...glamourous , striking, sensual, rich looking. Those last two evening dresses are gorgeous and I wish I could wear them, even just for a minute...

Well, now I must finish my trip down day dream lane and actually go do something.  Enjoy looking at the beautiful, my lovely's.


  1. Beautiful! Great post and blog! :))

  2. I was crazy about that collection myself...the best of the resort 2012 collections!

  3. it is an absolutely beautiful collection. but tell me how do you relate the military and romantic marriage to the everyday UP girl?


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