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Monday, August 8, 2011

What to do with a pink satin slip and a jean shirt...

Wear it together, of course.

I saw this pink satin slip at the Salvation Army and I immediately loved it. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, at the worst I could just use it for the original intention, you know, as a slip.

I was at the Salvation Army because I was looking for a jean shirt. I keep seeing them everywhere in the magazines. And normally, I only wear jeans on my ass, no where else. I thought I would try it out first via a thrifted version because I wasn't sure I would wear it. Whelp, that's my story. I ended up with a jean shirt and a pink slip and tada! I put them together to kind of tone down the pink satin-ness of the slip. Not only did I wear them together, but I wore the slip as a dress, yeah, it was that long. And that awesome.

Is that me working on a truck? Maybe... And barefoot. Weird. I need to start wearing shoes so you all don't think I am a savage. Or am I?

I couldn't tell you why I have that look on my face.

That's the real me!

Shirt: thrifted
Slip: thrifted
Belt: Forever 21

P.S. Sorry I don't have a full on picture. I don't know why I didn't get a picture from the front because then you can see more of the slip. Sorry, I fail.

See how I wore the slip as a dress! I think it's really cool when I see people wear something that it's usually not intended for. It's just so creative. Plus it can give you more versatility with your wardrobe, especially if you are dressing on a budget or happen to be two-three hours from a good mall like all of us Yooper girls. In the near future I will probably post another picture of a similar outfit with the slip dressed up a bit more and I think it's even cuter than above photographs.

As a brief side note, I can work on cars, I am not just posing. I can change oil and do all the basic stuff. And yeah, sometimes I do it in a skirt. I love the look on guy's faces when they see me do that. It's hilarious.

Before I end my rambling, there is one more thing to mention. I hear this question asked often: when (or where) would I be able to wear this? I recall a time not that long ago a friend posing the question to me about a pretty chiffon skirt. Unless it's something prom worthy, it can be worn any time. The U.P. is a very jeans and shirt kind of place. But it's okay to wear a skirt everyday if you want. Something that seems very dressy can be dressed down, like the slip. It is bright and shiny, but something comfy and a staple in many people's wardrobe's, like the jean shirt, takes it down to the level of wear everyday ability.

Whoop-whoop! Switch up your clothing, wear it differently, I encourage you to test the boundaries of the Yoop. People need to be shocked, even a little. Tell me how you've done that today...or yesterday...or tomorrow...

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