Don't worry, there won't be flannel, or rather, there won't be much flannel.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Snow Day that wasn't there...

I know I posted about this dress a few weeks ago, but hey, you can see how I mix it up.

I would prefer this look with flats or heels, but it was snowing out and my feet were cold...

I feel this is my retro-housewife look. Cardigan, pearls, pleated dress. Staples in a reto-housewife's wardrobe, Eh? Serious emphasis on retro. Housewives, stay at home moms, whatever they want to be called aren't so easily defined nowadays. Who wants to be defined anyway? How square (said with a teasing emphasis).

Me and my nerdy glasses.

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Maurices
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Morning Fiesta (She's got some really great vintage jewelry and a couple skirts I'm drooling over, right now) 

Next time I'll get a better picture of the necklace; it's so pretty and is my favorite accessory to wear right now. These pictures were taken quickly during a study break. And this post is being put up during another study break. Almost spring break, I keep telling myself. And yet, today we are having a snow day. 
Weird, because so far, there is no snow out there! None! I got up this morning, looked outside, saw not a single snowflake had fallen, pouted a bit, and proceeded to get ready for the day. A little later I decided to check the weather on my computer, curious over this missing snow...and low and behold there's a snow day! Apparently, it's coming and it's supposed to be quick and heavy. 
So, now I'm sitting here trying to crank out as much homework as I can before work (too bad there isn't snow days for work) and waiting for the snow to decide to fall.

Over spring break I will try and get more posts up. I've been thrift shopping and have some really great finds that have not found their way up here on this blog yet.

Tootles for now, lovelies.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trenary Outhouse Races

You say whaaaa? Yes, outhouse races. The rules are to have a structure with a toilet lid, toilet paper, and skis. And I don't think much else. This outhouse is then pushed as fast as possible down a snow laden trail. I do not know how this started, if people just got drunk and tried to push an outhouse...I don't know, but it is hilarious to watch.  
Trenary is a little town halfway between Marquette and Escanaba. It's a town that has a lot of character and I loved it. Downtown was closed down for this and it was just a big party that can only be described as a little mix of Mardi Gras (there were beads and weird outfits and alot of alcohol), rednecks (lots of flannel and snowmobile jackets, and I don't mean that in a bad way, I own a snowmobile jacket) and fur, lot and lots of fur. Beaver, skunk, you name it and people were wearing it, mostly on their heads and my husband kept asking if they killed an ewok (Star Wars reference is case you didn't know) because some of the hats actually had ears on them.

I took pictures of the most interesting "outhouses" and some of downtown and will also provide a little info on dressing for being out in the cold for a long time.

I thought this was a classic Yooper outhouse, with a bucket for the toilet. Perfect.

Wilma and Betty!

This was the nicest outhouse I have ever seen. Seriously. There was a stereo inside.

I tried on some beaver gloves. They were warm, and very cozy.

Hats that everyone was wearing. See the ears on the hat to the left?

Some artwork on a building and my husband's head.

When you enter Trenary, there is just this burnt out shell of a building that you see. And yet it's painted and proudly displays the name of the town. 

I wanted to try and get a more close up of what I was wearing but another group was waiting to get pictures by the building and I didn't want to hog it.

So...hanging out in the cold for a while, it's always best to layer! Layer, layer, layer. If you are like me and get cold easily pile on more than you think you need. Under Armor under jeans or just plain long johns are a must. I had a turtleneck and a sweater over that and I should have added a long sleeve shirt as well. Then I added a scarf and beads were steadily added through out the day, too, you know, as accessories. Tuck jeans into boots. Seriously, you do not want the edges of your jeans trailing in the puddles and the snow because then you are just freezing. Last but not least, add a hat, in my case, a little fluorescent orange to...blend in or stick out, however you want to look at it. 

Alot to read in this post, I know. But hopefully it was entertaining, especially since it's been two weeks since I last did a post. I had a slew of tests right in a row so everything else just dropped off for a bit. Next week is spring break, though! So excited for a little break from school. It's so exhausting after awhile, I would love to just hang out and not worry about homework. Even now, it's niggling at the back of my mind, get this done...but really I want to just chill and watch the Oscars and judge the women's dresses or maybe just drool over them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sorbet-colored Happiness

What? A post in the middle of the week-ish. Yes, I have taken a break from the studying that I started ten minutes ago. Feeling frustrated by it all...and today is Valentine's Day? Yes, as I'm sure all of you know. Love and kisses floating everywhere and I just feel grumpy. So I thought a post and a live runway show via youtube would make me feel better.

These photos were taken over the weekend, in the shining joyous sun that we have, weirdly, been experiencing. 

This dress I wore in a post a week or so ago. I didn't have many good photos of it, so here are some better ones.

The wind picked up as soon are we started taking pictures. And ended as soon as we were done.

Dress: Vintage
Shirt: Don't remember...
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Vintage

I really like this dress, mostly the full skirt. And I feel like I'm dressed up in different colors of sorbet, like raspberry and whatever flavor the green kind is (lime?). It just feels pretty. The only thing I might change would be the high neckline. Sometimes when I sit it almost chokes me. One day...when I get better sewing skills maybe I can change that...That is one of my goals for the year, to learn to sew better. 

Okay...I guess I have to get back to studying and everyone have a good Valentine's day. Eat lots of chocolate!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day and a little black dress

These photos were taken right before I took my dog on a walk, I was also all ready and dressed for dinner. The sun behind me makes this outfit look a little boring. Which is unfortunate, because it is hot.

Can you kind of see the cutouts on my shoulders? I tried to get a better picture of them, but again, it didn't turn out.

All the pictures look like I am wearing black tights, but actually, I am wearing purple tights with patterned tights over it. It looks sweet. Just, you know, try and imagine it...Actually, look at this past post and imagine purple in place of green and black in place of nude. 

For my birthday, my little sister made me a bunch of these pins with vintage buttons glued to them. Pretty, eh?

After these pictures were taken I switched out the heels for a pair of boots and pulled on a jacket and gloves and proceeded to walk in the woods with my super hyper dog. Which I then realized how odd that must look: a girl in a little black dress and pretty patterned tights, dressed more for a party than the woods, out on a trail in 20 degree weather. Odd, she would appear among the snow drifts and spruce trees, like some specter of a past party. Then I thought...what does it matter? Why do we have certain rules for when and where we can and can't wear certain clothes. 

Why does it matter? I would prefer to wear skirts all the time. Hell, a couple pair of tights and a longer skirt are warmer than jeans. 

Okay, I am done with questioning societal doings. Any Valentine's day plans? We are having ours tonight, dinner and a movie. I'm quickly writing this between the dinner and the movie. Simple plans, but extremely pleasant. Especially after the week, which can be so draining. 

Happy Valentine's day, all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Eye of the Storm

I took a break from homework and my husband, my puppy and I went for a walk in the crazy warm weather we are having. All of our snow is melting and it's February. Usually we are still in the middle of a deep freeze. That's okay with me. I love the feeling of spring, the hope and warmth of a new season approaching. And if it happens earlier, all the better right? But I can't shake this feeling that winter will still come and it will drag on, like right now we are in the eye of the storm and all is calm, but the eye will move on and the storm will continue. 

Okay, lets just ignore my hair in these photos, except for the first photo, because I don't know whats going on with it today. Just weirdness. Anyway...

This is one of the vintage dresses that I got for myself on my birthday. This print is a little unconventional for me, but I like it. 

Dress: Vintage, via Curious Cargo
cardigan: Target
Belt: vintage, via a dress bought from Red Velvet
Necklace: Claires, maybe

And now back to regular scheduled homework. Depressing. I very much dislike my classes this semester. Anyone have any helpful tips on how to get through classes you absolutely detest but need for that degree in that subject you forgot that you liked? Sigh.