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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bridal Shower

So, I had this cute outfit picked out similar to an outfit I had blogged about the other day: the satin slip. Only a dress over it, a jean button down.

But I felt it wasn't girly enough, plus it was hot as hell. First, I realized I really don't dress that girly. Girly I consider to be frills and bows and floaty material. Just because I wear skirts alot does not make me girly. End of story there. Back to what I'm trying to say, the clothing. 

The outfit I had planned was just too hot. So I wore a chiffon flower (think Monet) print dress from Old Navy. It was light, it was airy and perfectly girly for a bridal shower. A bridal shower is one place that I think it is appropriate for something seriously girly. Wear floaty material, wear bows and ribbons, wear flower prints, wear flowers in your hair. That is just how I feel about bridal showers. Men usually aren't there, the women are a mix of older and younger women. It's time to let your inner non-feminist, flower wearing chick flag fly.

True story.

Back to what I was wearing. Old Navy dress I got for a couple bucks on sale back in the spring. Belted, add necklace, bracelets, hair straightened. Flats for easy movement between old friends and old relatives.

Bridal showers you can also dress down. Jeans can be perfectly acceptable as well. Just add a cute top. No t-shirts with camo on it. It happens, believe me. 

Me and the bride!
She looked amazing. I loved that she paired the pearls with the black and pink. It was very chic looking. I did not (when I say I did not, I mean my sister) get a good picture of her whole outfit. In fact, right now I want to do a whole reenactment of the bridal shower to go back and get some better pictures. But I cropped this picture of her badass shoes. It's like she was all business on top and a party on her feet:

Shoes: Nine West

I wish I had more pictures, but it was just hectic and busy running around making sure everyone got talked too, that the food was ready... Here's proof of that:

Here is another cute outfit from the bridal shower:

That top is from Avon too. It's so cute. I want it. See what I mean about the girliness?

Here are some badass shots of the table decorations. Again, courtesy of my sister.

Pictures to come on the bachelorette party later!


  1. I really like your post.
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  2. So far it all looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


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