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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fingerprinting and Curious Cargo

Soooo...I said the other day I got a job at the bank and it is protocol to fingerprint incoming employees to reveal any past criminal behavior. That's all I was told, really. So technically I haven't been officially hired, but I still wanted to make a good impression via clothing for the all important fingerprinting. I was told I didn't have to dress up, but I wasn't going to show up in a pair of cutoffs and a paint stained tank. (Seriously, side note here, I have seen people show up to hand in resumes, even interviews in jeans and a t-shirt. Don't do it! First impressions are a big deal, and I believe, clothing is a big part of it).

Tank: Target
Cardigan: American Eagle, ages ago
Skirt: Maurices
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: Born
Socks: Hue
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory

With this outfit I wanted to look nicer, but not like I was trying too hard so I paired the pencil skirt with boots and those earrings. I hope I impressed them...until I actually went to give my fingerprints and I had that manicure of red nails with one purple nail on each hand. Yeah, real professional looking. Not. 

In other news, I discovered another store in Marquette, Curious Cargo, located on 3rd street. Sorry, there isn't a  website to share. They sell pretty much vintage everything, with every corner stuffed full with little treasures from old doorknobs to books to clothing. I mostly went there for the clothing and was pleasantly surprised at the pretty reasonable prices. Some of the older clothing wasn't in the best condition, but there were many very nice pieces, particularly this pink dress that looked like something out of Mad Men (minus all the flounces those women wear. Crinolines? Is that what they are called? Whatever it is that makes the skirt flare and pouf out). Once I start working I will definitely be heading back for something. And then share it with you all!

Whelp, time is winding down to that first day of school and already I am thinking of what I will wear. Any ideas, suggestions, favorites of what any of you like to wear on the first day of school? 


  1. Those boots are to be had. I also love the outfit you have on in your header. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  2. So true about the first impression. I read somewhere that people judge someone within the first 3 seconds of meeting them! Love the boots with the skirt! Nice first impression :-)

    Since I am long out of school, my work uniform is usually a pencil skirt and a cute top.

  3. Cute! First day of school outfits always seem to be important, its like a fresh start and everyone wants to look new and different then last year. But just wear anything that is most comfortable to you. All that matters is if you feel good and confident in it. :)

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