Don't worry, there won't be flannel, or rather, there won't be much flannel.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Puzzled, lying to yourself, and other things

Me: wondering what my dog is doing. I think I perpetually look like this when I'm outside with my dog. But look, the dandelions are out! Oh wait, it was snowing here today. No joke. Snowing! I thought it was pollen at first. Then I lied and told myself that it had to be pollen. You can't lie to yourself forever. The wind stung and I shivered.

Dress: Thrifted
Blazer: Forever 21
Booties: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Target

Final look:
My booties. I love these things. Decently comfortable and goes with just about everything. Everything! Or at least, that's what I tell myself. ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rain, Rain Here to Stay

Yep, you guessed it. It's been raining.
Above is an example of the printed pants. They are a lot easier to wear than one may think. And even if you don't like them, don't hate! Basically, my rule is, especially if you are pattern shy, is wear a solid color top, choosing one color from the print. Pretty simple outfit idea. Of course, if you're more daring...pattern mixing is fun, too.

Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Kohls
Necklace and ring on fore finger: Local church bazaar
Ring on middle finger: Jeanine Payer

And the final look:
A close up of my jewelry

Monday, January 28, 2013

Eben Ice Cave

Where have I been? Dear me, I know I haven't been here in months, but I needed a break. Whenever I have free time I've been going with whatever I want to do, which hasn't been blogging, obviously.

Now this post isn't even about clothes, but I wanted to share this because it shows how awesome Upper Michigan is!

This is the Eben ice caves and this was the first time I've ever been out there. 
It's out in Eben, obviously. And it's on state land, but to get there you end up parking on someone's personal property. They have a parking lot nicely plowed and porta-potties. That's U.P. hospitality, offering someplace to pee. Anyway, it's a good hike into the woods and down some slippery hills. A couple times I just went down on my butt, but it was worth it. 

The Eben ice cave is actually more of a rock over hang and all this water flows over it and freezes which makes it more cave-like. You can walk through (under) it. This was actually taken from inside.

There were tons of people out there!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vintage Marigold

I've been breaking out my vintage again. I haven't worn any of it in awhile so I've been mixing it up with my new pieces like below.

Dress: Vintage
Sweater: Old Navy
Boots: Born Shoes
Belt: Target
Bracelet: Found at a Farmer's Market

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rain brings the Mushrooms

I have never seen so much rain fall recently. Yesterday it just kept falling in buckets on and off. I was way more rain than we got in spring. The grass is green and there are mushrooms everywhere. Seriously, clumps of mushrooms everywhere. The only sign that it's actually fall is the withering leaves crunching beneath my feet. Poetic, eh?

Sweater: Kohls
Dress worn as a skirt: Forever 21
White shirt: I've had for so long I don't remember
Shoes: Anne Klein