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Monday, August 15, 2011

What to wear in the dirt and the dust

I mentioned the races in a previous post. And the weekend was awesome. Excellent racing. But as the trucks and dune buggys are racin' around in the dirt and dust, by the end of the day you are literally covered in a layer of dust. Your hair is so stiff an entire bottle of hairspray had to have been bumped on it, but, wait, it's dirt. This does not sound appetizing, does it? Who would want to do it? Well, its in my blood and its awesome to watch racing. Way more interesting than nascar.

Let's face it, in the U.P. there just are events where you are going to get dirty.

Oh, and have I mentioned the weather up here? It changes. Quickly. Often, even in the summer, it is imperative to bring long sleeves if you are spending the day outside. This is the outfit I put together for spending a day in the heat/cold and in the dirt.

Flannel: Forever 21
Tank: Forever 21

Materials that are easily cleaned, a must. A long sleeve that is easily pulled on and off was perfect and that is just what I did. I also like the pairing of the stripes with the checks. I did wear shoes, too. At this point I was about to jump in the shower when I remembered I had to get a picture taken. Flats were what I wore, but sandals would have been way better. Like a cute gladiator.

I say, look cute even when gettin' dirty. 

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