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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Boots. I love boots. They have a certain ringing sound as they hit the pavement. They don't clop like my heeled sandals or that familiar clicking sound of heels that makes wearing them sound a little awkward to me (mostly as I walk late into church and the sound of my heels announce my lateness to every single person there. Darn you, vaulted ceilings). Boots are pure confidence. And it's a good thing that I live in an area that is dumped in snow in the winter. Boots, in many ways, are way more needed in the U.P. than heels. Has anyone walked on NMU's campus in the middle of winter and totally fallen on your ass? Yeah, don't worry. It has happened to everyone at least once (NMU work on that shit).

Is this all too soon to talk about? It's not even August, right? However, I wear boots all the time, yes, even in the summer. They just complete me, I guess, like a nut to a squirrel, neon to my nails, a suit to Barney Stinson, fountain Pepsi to my taste buds...get it, sort of?

Anyway, I have three favorite pairs, four actually, but I can only share three as the fourth is my hardcore furry winter boots that are packed away somewhere that could be located at my parent's house, my sister's or my in-laws...

This pair I just got and did share with you in my last post. I love the badass look of them and how versatile they are:

Next these are my favorite all time boots and I hope they last forever!

See that wear and tear? Yeah, that's right, that's U.P. weather and salt from the lower peninsula's streets. Always remember to spray boots down with water proofing stuff. 

These booties I have had for a few years now and I love to pair them with socks or just wear them with jeans:

And here are a couple pairs that I like from a website that I recently discovered. The prices are very decent, but I also don't know the quality of the boots.

These are similar to the pair I just bought but I love the buckles and the two toned look of the boots.

I love what they are doing with the old styles of oxfords and loafers.

Following is a list of boots that I wish I had. Honestly, as I am perusing I could keep going with this post with all the boots that I love and wish I had. The links of the designers just lead to because that's where I found them, at wonderful prices, too!

How badass do these boots look. Ahhh! I want them. Drool a little bit, it's okay. This pair is by Aldo

Wellies for the rainy day! I like the pretty floral pattern. I could see these easily worn with a flirty skirt, walkin' the dog in a light drizzly rain. Am I the only one who likes the rain? These are Gabriella Rocha.

I am not one for cowboy boots, but I like the cowboy boot influence in this slouchy pair. Gabriella Rocha also made this pair. The heel isn't too high either.

Boots! Okay, I will finish with this post before the world ends or something. But, before I do, break out the boots in the summer! I have already gotten a few odd looks and questions, who effin' cares! Going out to the bar tonight? Boots always look adorable with a skirt or shorts. Or anything...

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