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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Day I Wore a Dress Backwards

The other day I mentioned that my mom picked me up some random stuff from Goodwill or someplace like it. Well, I finally got it and there were certainly some interesting things in that little plastic bag.  There was this dress with, what I thought, was stripes down the front, but was the back and there was this lame looking sun embroidered on the front. Here is the dress in its original form:

Okay looking, right? The stripes intrigued me too much to just give up on the dress so I proceeded to change it a bit. Well, I'm not one for fringe so I cut that off and using a seam ripper I cut off the sun as well. careful doing this as a seam ripper can just as easily rip through the fabric you want to keep intact.

Once that was done...

Tada! Not bad, eh? I put the dress on backwards which was easy enough to wear as the dress is more like a column. Something more fitted probably wouldn't have worked as well. Belted makes it just about perfect! Like the bare feet? That's how we do in the Yoop. At least I do...

It's funny because last month, or was it two months ago, I came across a brief article in one of the magazines I read (sorry, I don't remember which one, it could be Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, marie claire, Glamour, Instyle...) about wearing clothing backwards and I didn't think I would ever do that. Yep. Look at me now, breakin' all the rules...

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  1. you are hilarious. the dress backwards looks really nice. any other interesting outfits from the goodwill bag.


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