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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Business Attire?

My favorite outfit to wear, mostly because it looks hot, is a pencil skirt and a shirt tucked in, whether its a nice button-up or just a plain t-shirt. I wish I had an office job, or a job at all, so I could wear these outfits. I showed up to my husband's baseball game in a similar outfit. I got a few odd looks and questions as to why I was dressed up. Helloooo boys (and girls), pencil skirts are hot. No one should complain when a girl puts on a skirt like this. Sad thing is, it's more common place to see steel toe boots than cute pencils skirts on Yooper residents.

The boots are a joke. I wouldn't actually wear these are they are my dad's steel toes. See, when I do these little photo shoots with my sister, I always forget shoes. Plus steel toe boots are just badass. Have I mentioned how much I love boots? In reality, though, I would wear a cute flat or heel. Unless you want to badass-up your outfit with boots. However I would steer away from steel toe unless you are felling trees and in that case, avoid pencil skirts.

Am I starting to frolic again? Maybe. It's bound to happen from time to time. Oh, and there is a shot of my puppy, minus his head in the background! He is very photogenic and hard to get out of pictures.

Blouse: Vintage
Purse: Vintage Coach
Boots: Dad's old work boots

The only thing I would add to this outfit, besides appropriate footwear, would be a waist-cinching belt. At the time this photo was taken, the belt on my buckle was broken and a new one was floating around in U.S. Postal Service purgatory, eagerly awaiting to arrive in my mailbox.

Seriously, though, even if I am just walking around in my parent's yard, this is a good outfit to wear to an interview. I know suits usually rein supreme in this area of business, especially the easy black pant, but a black skirt is just as easy and, in my opinion, prettier. 
Yooper girls, can you hear me calling you? Step it up. I'm tired of odd looks when I'm dressed up even a little.

Oh, and sorry, again, that there are no front pictures of me. Maybe I am camera shy and am unable to directly face a camera. Will work on the that. 

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