Don't worry, there won't be flannel, or rather, there won't be much flannel.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Red Pants Bandwagon

Yep, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought red pants. No regrets here, I love them and would love to collect jeans in every color possible now. 
Since I bought these red pants a week or so ago, I have been wearing them as much as I possibly can. They are so fun. They make me feel like such a punk for wearing that bright red. 

Cardigan: American Eagle
Tank: Aeropostale
Jeans: Younkers
Boots: Born

I do find the red pants a little hard to style sometimes, but I think its more me being distracted by the brightness of red. They can be as easy to style as regular jeans, right? This outfit was a comfy Sunday outfit. Easy to curl up on the couch and do homework (blah) or take a walk with my husband and my puppy.

If any of you out there in U.P. Land shy away from the bright color, don't! It's so fun and...dare I say it, powerful feeling to wear color, especially with those boots. Boots always make me feel confident and with red pants! One can never go wrong. Try it, do it, call it blogger pressure, I dare you to be a splash of color against the white snowbanks that will soon rim every horizon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fleeting, inadequate things

Today, I attend a funeral. A co-worker I, unfortunately, only knew for a little while. Yet half the horizon has disappeared with her.

There is just silence, a yawning silence. When something like this happens I want to say something to make everything better. But my mouth stops, my tongue remains still and I probably come off cold, unfeeling. Words are fleeting inadequate things used to describe the world around us. The problem with this world is that parts of it remain hidden from us, unexplainable and those tools, words, just fail so miserably. Nothing can describe death, nothing can describe the yawning blackness hidden in the depths of the gut. Those feelings belong in a wordless place, a nameless place, a place removed from the common sense of language. An Other place, beneath the veneer of civilization, hidden in the depths of a wordless cry, a scream, a sob.

I bid you a sweet sleep, a deep rest, a good-bye. You will be missed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is it Never too Late for a Floral Skirt?

Winter often comes quickly, and hard, in the U.P. particularly if you are close to the beautiful but often punishing Lake Superior. And I was spoiled last year by the more mild winter of the lower peninsula. So when the wind, which I dislike so much, starts blowing it takes me by surprise. Suddenly I am piling on sweaters and jackets and gloves and I can't quite get my bones to warm up.

And spying the flowered skirts in my closet, which hadn't seen the light of day since the hot heat of middle summer, I had to wear them. They were a siren calling my name, "wear me, wear me, you know you want to..." Whelp, I did, to work and by the end of my shift I was actually shivering. Does this mean I must put away my pretty flowered skirts? Let them gather dust until the long winter melts away to the warm, muddy touch of spring?

Here are two outfits one worn last week and the other worn the week before, but since they are similar and flowery, I decided to put them together.

Cardigan: American Eagle
Belt: Kohls
Tank: Maurices
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: Born
Pockets, who doesn't love pockets on a skirt? Not that I actually put anything in them. I dressed this outfit up more for work with heels and nylons. Can you tell these pictures were taken right before the weather turned?

Sweater: Maurices
Tank: Burlington Coat Factory
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Kohls...Maybe? these pictures are more of a photo shoot with my puppy. Isn't he so photogenic? and pretty? I'm such a proud mama. 
Actually the reason I was in bed was because we didn't have any heat! They were changing the heating system at the exact moment the weather turned horrible. So we huddled on the bed for a couple of days.

Yay or nay on the flowered skirts as we near the cold death of winter?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flannel, Cash it at the Bank

That is right, I got to wear flannel to work and no I am not a lumberjack. If you follow, I work at a bank and must dress up nice. Well, as the temperature has severely dropped up here in the great north, I have been freezing at work. Shivering, actually. I wanted to be warm and what's more warm than a flannel shirt? However, a flannel shirt isn't usually office wear. Then as I was browsing Pinterest (I told you I could get addicted. It's a great place for inspiration) I saw a picture of a pretty sweater with a nice blue button-up peaking out from under it. Well, I don't have a pretty blue button-up but I do have a flannel!

The sun was in my eyes, I swear.

Pretty sweet frog painted on the bridge.

Cardigan: Target
Flannel: Forever 21
Belt: Kohls
Tights: Kohls
Shoes: Payless
Necklaces: Gift via my sister
Necklace worn as bracelet: Claires, years ago

Did I do a good job dressing up flannel or is it something better left for my grandpa to wear? I would love your input.

The bridge I am strolling along is the old bridge over the Dead River, probably just a half mile down the road from my apartment. Right above and to the left of this bridge is the newer one and by far the more boring of the two (you can see it in the background on the last picture). Don't you wish we still drove over bridges like this?

I do have a little something to admit to you all... I wasn't actually strolling around like this, all cute in a cardigan and heels; these pictures are a bit staged. What! I know, it's the U.P. and the weather here is a bit more harsh than other places. Since this is a blog originating out of the Yoop, I have to show you a little bit of what the weather is like.
Here is what I actually looked like:

Yes, it was that cold. And if I hadn't been out there specifically for pictures the skirt would be gone replaced by some under armor. Under armor, my savior.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

P-interesting and Pink Nails

Sigh, a gray outfit for a gray day...
Fall is in full swing in the Yoop. It's cold, it's blustery, its rainy. I mind not the rain, nor the cold, it's the wind that chills down to the bone and one cannot retain any heat and shivers and shivers and shivers...

But this was some photos taken right before all this weather. See all the leaves still on the tree? The wind hasn't arrived yet. And see my bare arms? Last time you all get to see those as winter arrives. I freeze if I wear short sleeves. 

Geez, I sound all...blah. I don't mean to be. Actually I just joined Pinterest, and what fun. I could see myself getting addicted to it. I only have a few things pinned right now, but if you want to check it out:


Dress worn as a shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Maurices
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace worn as a bracelet: Claires, maybe?
Tights: Kohls
Boots: Born
Socks: Target
Hot pink nail polish: Walgreens

Yep, another work outfit here. I love this shade of gray. Then the pop of pink on the nails? Love it. Nail polish is so much fun, glad I started wearing it after years of either avoiding it or wearing clear.

This little area of foliage is right off the bike path that is right off of my apartment. I love having little photo backgrounds so close to home. But then I wonder what I am going to do in the winter? Hmm...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Five Minute Saturday Project

This idea popped into my head last week and I decided in the few spare minutes I had before heading out of town this weekend to implement this idea. Now this idea is not originally mine...I'm sure I got it somewhere, but where, eh? Who knows.

I discovered these pins I had bought a while ago when I was under the illusion that I would sew. Ha, right. One day, though, I promise you my brand new sewing machine that is still sitting in a container, I will use you. One day...

I currently don't have a jewelry box, I have a plastic container where all my necklaces mix and mingle and tangle, thus frustrate occasionally. We have a decently sized apartment but space is still limited so why not hang something pretty on the wall instead of hiding it in a plastic container. Right, right? 

Have I titillated you enough with this long accumulation of seemingly unrelated paragraphs? Okay, here are the pictures of what I did:

My wee little bathroom...

See the pins? I just knocked them into the wall a bit with a hammer. I just wouldn't hang anything crazy heavy like those giant statement necklaces on them.

I was trying to be artistic when taking these pictures. I thought it looked pretty, hanging up my most frequently used necklaces and bracelets. Then they don't get tangled or lost or broken. 

Have any cool little ideas for sprucing up a place? I still haven't hung much on the walls, so white walls pretty much stare at me all day. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage Red Fall

So I had to get this outfit post up as soon as possible as I have almost never gotten so many comments as on this outfit. I had been eyeing this skirt in my closet for the past week wanting to wear it, but unsure as how to make it appropriate for work. Or wait until the weekend, but when I really want to wear something I usually can't wait. I need to wear it now. I have no patience. Yep. And so this morning I made it work. After, you know, playing with my clothes for like 45 minutes. 

Haha, this looks like a graduation pic. But really, I was playing in the leaves.

Sweater: Forever 21
Tank: Kohls
Skirt: Vintage, via my mother-in-law
Tights: Kohls
Belt: Kohls
Socks: Target
Boots: Born
Necklace: American Eagle
Bracelets: Forever 21, Burlington Coat Factory

To dress the skirt up I added a silk tank, which dresses anything up, as does a sweater, my go to for anything more work appropriate. I live in sweaters for work. I didn't wear the boots to work, not sure if I can actually, but I did wear a simple pair of flats (minus the socks as well). Can't go wrong with flats!

Love wearing vintage, as well. If you can hunt anything down like this skirt, it's delightful having something a little different than anyone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Striped Sunday?

Lets bring some relaxed Sunday-ness to this Tired Tuesday.

Stripes on stripes, again. Should I call it Striped Sunday?

Yoga? Or calling on the Autumn Gods?

Tank: Forever 21
Longer Tank: Gift from me mum
Cardigan: Thrifted
Leggins: Under Armor
Shoes: What shoes? Who wears shoes on a sand bar in a river?
Sunglasses: Target

WooWoooo! Standing on a little sand bar on the Dead River. These pictures were taken on a Sunday where I just throw on whatever for the long study session that usually is Sunday. But, as you can see, that doesn't always happen. 

Hopefully these nice outdoor photos and colorful stripes brought something to this kinda blah Tuesday. Wish it were the weekend again.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lace and Hay

This weekend I went to an outdoor wedding where the reception was held in a barn. Now hearing details I was a little skeptical of how this wedding was going to turn out. When I think barn I think...animals, hay, kinda dirty...But it turned out beautiful especially the outdoor ceremony in an apple orchard.

I thought the lace on top of the hay bales was brilliant and actually quite comfy. 

A shot of the ceiling in the barn.

My husband standing in the corn fields that surrounded this farm. Oh, how silly.

Sorry no outfit post. I pretty much went to my go to outfit lately for quickly dressing up as this wedding was a little bit of a last minute decision. I have posted about it before here and here. But there is a crooked shot of the "Carrie" necklace my sister got me!

And the shoes the bride was wearing...curious no? I thought they were an interesting pick. The decorations had an antique feeling to it all, then she wears these Baroque style shoes. 
However, for all of this, regardless of whether you like it or not, I admired it and the bride for doing her own thing and not being afraid to do it. It's one of the reasons why I started this blog, to be more outgoing and try harder to not be afraid of showing people who I am. 

In two weeks I have another wedding to attend which will be the complete opposite of this wedding. And I wonder what I will wear... I have to wear something different than my lately go-to outfit, otherwise how boring, right?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Purple. De-lightful.

So I found that when I skip class I have time to write a post. When really I should be doing homework, or cleaning, or something a little more productive, especially since I have only been able to get the bare minimum done. I will write this and then go vacuum. I promise my poor dirty carpets.

Here is an outfit for work. Can you tell I like purple? Love it. More purple is always a good thing.

Sweater: Gap
Tights: Shopko
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Not sure...
Heels: Payless

Like that nail polish. It's a nice pop of color, along with the watch, particularly when all the other colors are so dark.
Looking at these pictures makes me realize that I need to set up a space in my apartment where I can take a picture, some sort of plain background. Especially since winter is approaching and the days are getting shorter. I can't just stand outside in the freezing cold posing for some pictures. Unless it's in my parka. If I had a parka...

Anyone have some great plans for these last nice days?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Argh...My pirate shirt

With each week that passes I love the location of my apartment. Its right next to the bike path, across the road is wide open fields for our dog to run around and behind that are these trails: the Noquamenon Trails that run along the Dead River. It's gorgeous; we get to let our puppy run around and splash in the water. And hopefully before the snow falls, a little fishing.

This long sleeve white shirt is referred to as by my sister's as my pirate shirt. But I like it. It feels so pretty and delicate and with the lace tank layered over it. Very feminine. 

Look at those sleeves!

Found on the path. Stan, who are you?

My puppy just ran into the water and sat down. Just plop against the little sand bar.

My husband and I!

White long sleeve: Thrifted
Tank: Maurices
Dress worn as a skirt: Target
Tights: Kohls
Boots: Born

Kiss, kiss!