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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apparently a plaid skirt from my mother-in-law is sexy

Ahh, don't I look picturesque sittin' on some logs.

Watch me walk away...

This was the picture my mom looked at and thought it was "alluring" or "sexy" or something like that. I laugh. I'm in a tree! Is that sexy? The boots are though, they are always sexy.

First, let me pay my respects to my dear, dear sister who took these lovely photographs (along with the ones from the last two posts, sorry I didn't acknowledge you sooner, dearie). 

Tank: stolen from my other sister
Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: vintage, circa 1969
Socks: Hue
Boots: Born

Vintage seems like a foreign word in the U.P. and if I am mistaken, please, someone let me know. Shopping at a Salvation Army seemed abhorrent when growing up. Wearing something old, or hand-me-down just wasn't cool. What was cool was American Eagle, Abercrombie, anything one could get at a mall.
Then I lived downstate and that view changed at bit. A lot. Completely a 180 really. I have always liked old stuff though, so maybe it was a 90 degree turn, I even once considered briefly to major in history. Gasp, what would I have done if I had chosen that road? Probably the same thing I am doing now...not much.

Older clothing does often look dated, but they can easily be updated just by pairing it with more modern stuff, like jewelry or something with a more modern cut, my favorite being a boyfriend blazer. Clothing can also be altered. I am considering removing that front panel on the skirt so it doesn't look so Scottish-like. It would be something easy to remove, for my grandma, but I could try and she could fix the damage. 

Take some 80's dress where you like the skirt on it but not the top. Cut the bottom off and make it a true skirt. See the things you can do with clothing!

One other point that I want to make before I end it, why do I always seem to ramble? Anyway, I wore this skirt again later, and I wish now that I had taken a picture of it, but alas...I did not. I wore this skirt with an olive green tank and it was way cuter than the plain red tank. Play with your clothes to see what looks good together. I always find surprising combinations that look amazing together by, literally, playing with my clothes. It's like dress up all over again, only I'm trying on my own clothes instead of my aunt's old prom dresses.

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