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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Black Vest and a 50 Cent Ring

I am sitting on campus quickly typing this up, trying to ignore the nagging headache, lack of sleep, and reading I have to do. Oh, and I don't have internet at home yet. I was supposed to have internet on the laptop issued to me by my school, but NMU, you fail again. Weird. Umm...Brief explanation, as I know most schools don't issue computers: NMU gives all of its students a laptop which has wimax, or 4G where I should be able to get on to the internet pretty much anywhere in the city of Marquette. Did I mention that I literally live right behind campus? That my backyard is campus? Yep, internet still doesn't work. Sorry, I'm ranting. It's been frustrating. Bear with me. Please.

This outfit is actually from a few days ago. I have no pictures of the outfits I have worn to the first couple days of school as I found that my brain doesn't work so well in the morning, and I've thrown on something pretty easy. I stare into my closet and see a jumble of nothing. However, in my 8:00 class this morning I had to be the best dressed in jeans, t shirt and cardigan. Everyone else (the girls, anyway) was in some variation of sweats.

No worries, I will get into the swing of things soon and be back to my happy blogging self. It doesn't help that we just moved into our apartment Sunday and stuff is just everywhere. But it's our own place! No more living with the in-laws! Lets add more !!!!! just to show how happy I am about that!!!

Shirt: thrifted
Vest: Maurices
Bracelets: Forever 21
Ring: gas station

The ring on my forefinger was given to me by my husband who purchased it at a gas station. You know those machines that dispense gum balls, well, it was like that. He does this occasionally and the trinkets usually end up hanging from my rearview mirror. But I liked this ring. I thought it was pretty sweet, in fact. I have no idea what the pattern is, but I like it on my finger. Thanks, honey.

Okay, miss you all! And if I haven't gotten back to anyone's comments I will try to by next week (I get internet on Thursday).

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  1. Love this outfit! Vests are such a great addition to any outfit :)

    Heather & Kayla


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