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Sunday, June 26, 2011

White Nail Polish

White nail polish is alot of fun. I just bought a bottle, again from Walgreens, Sinful Colors, 1.99 a bottle. The cheaper the better when you are not sure if the color will work or look good. I was delighted to find that white looks awesome on nails. Try it!

It is a little difficult to make it look neat since it is so bright looking. Apply it at the kitchen table or something and not in bed leaning over the night stand where one might keep accidentally smearing the polish by repeatedly bumping nails against the edge of the night stand.

Honestly, it really is a fun, summery look, yet it has a "polished" look that would do well for attending a wedding. It's not as boring as a pale pink but it isn't as brassy, in-your-face as the neons that are now in style. The white polish would look equally cute with a fun summer dress, yet can easily be dressed up and still look classy.

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