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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Okay, I felt I was a little harsh on solids yesterday. They are most definitely still a staple in my wardrobe. There are certainly some interesting ways to wear them, much like pairing different patterns together (which I am doing right now. Flowered tank under my flannel. They don't even match, but I love it. It's like I am living dangerously. haha. There I go mentioning flannel again).

There is color blocking, which I love and think is so fun. Repeatedly in magazines I have seen this picture of Camilla Belle in the ultimate color blocked outfit.

The colors mesh wonderfully, yet each piece is a stand out on its own. And in no way does she look like a clown or some other creature that layers color over color and ends up in my nightmares. Camilla looks pulled together, polished, and sexy. This is a big look to pull off, especially in the U.P. where everything is a bit more laid back. An easier way would be to limit the outfit to two colors. Avoid colors that clash and black does not count! 

Anyway, my favorite way of pulling this look off is with tights. I once wore a color-blocked outfit to a Tiger's game. Tiger's shirt up top, gray skirt, maroon tights. See, not as bright as Camilla's outfit, in case you shy away from the jeweled tones of her outfit. Another idea that I like is wearing my slate gray dress, with my peach tank layered over and belted at the waist. Simple. On cooler days I wear it with brown tights and my boots. Yes, there does seem to be a lot of gray in my closet, but it's a great color that I love and so easy to add different colors to, pretty much any color. 

However, using gray is cheating a little if you are going for a true color blocked look. It has to be all color, all over. An easy way to do this, at least for me, is with a skirt or dress, because most of my bottoms are neutral as in jeans, black pants, etc. Then layer over the skirt or dress a shirt, tank, sweater, whatever, in another color. Add a belt to pull the look together and match any accessories to it, like what Camilla did with the gold. For an even bigger punch add tights and a pair of bright shoes. Flats are a good way to go as they are so easy to find in different colors nowadays. Avoid too many colors or risk looking clowny and you will end up in my nighmares. Clowns are scary! Also, avoid all over pastels. I feel this look in pastels would just end up looking like an easter egg or a little girl on Easter. Stick with the richer hues and look like a grown-up.

Solids are a great way to tone down a print, too. I have a few print dresses that on some days I want to amp up the fashion or...honestly I just love to layer. Simply wearing a summer dress doesn't feel like enough. I pick up a color in the print and layer tanks or sweaters over them along with colored tights. Tights are such a great accessory. I am continually looking for them in other colors. However, now that it is summer they are harder to find beyond black, brown, and nude. Kohl's in the winter does have a wonderful selection as does

Solids are mostly a great accessory. Tanks are always a must, there is never a time when I am not wearing one. They always add a splash of color (Target usually has great priced tanks). As do colored tights!

Color block away on a night out, the only way something like Camilla's shiny look could probably be pulled off in the Yoop. Sad, but true. Have fun discovering news ways of putting colors together. Try colors that you wouldn't necessarily think go together. Rock a pink and red outfit if the shades look great together.  Or green and blue. Or purple and marigold (avoid a Viking look, unless going to a Viking game, as was the case when I went to the Tiger's game).

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