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Friday, June 3, 2011

Daring...or just weird?

Socks with heels, something seen more and more on the glossy pages of magazines, a fashion statement safely kept on the runway or something that could actually be passed off in the real world, in the U.P?

I find it a little funny. We laugh at guys that wear socks with sandals and call it a faux pas, but when girls do it, its a fashion statement. Lately girls have been stealing much from the male side of the fashion world, if you want to call socks with sandals fashion. It's more than just that, girls clothes are given more of a masculine cut, like the blazer that I own (and totally rock with jeans, heels, low cut tank, and a pile of necklaces). Anyone remember the power suits of the 80's with the shoulder pads? Broad shoulders was in. My grandma still wears outfits with shoulder pads, looking for a more defined look. marie claire this month featured tweed, often what I envision as the look of the collegiate male, boldly worn with a fedora by a long legged model sneering at the camera. (All this a result of our patriarchal society? But that is a whole other argument...)

Some men are stealing our fashions, those skinny jeans, but few U.P. men would dare to show up anywhere wearing women's jeans, except, maybe, on NMU's campus. Men with earrings are still often ridiculed by the older set (I say let them wear earrings, its not like they are wearing glittery hoops). Carhartt and carpenter jeans still rule men's fashion in the U.P. I am okay with that, men wearing women's pants. No. Don't do it. 

Here are some of my interpretations of this sock with heels look and yes, I have worn a couple of them out.

Opinions? Let me know. Have a better way of pulling off such a style? Let me know!

Want to pull off the look, but want to avoid feeling like a Catholic school girl in knee socks? Get a mid calf sock, like the ones you can find at Ankle socks, probably best left to the tennis shoe. And don't be too matchy-matchy.

Have fun experimenting, my U.P. friends.

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