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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Budget your wardrobe and add a belt

Today, I was frustrated with my wardrobe. I just want more. But that is not possible, if anything I need to rein in my spending. Which I fully intend to do. So, I must make due with what I have. Don't we all? Many of us are in school, or just starting out at jobs, or trying to stick to a budget.
Now I turn to creativity. Digging through my closet today I discover old shirts I had forgotten about and I start throwing them together with the skirts that I have. Delightful! A 3/4 length, flowy, green shirt tucked into a cream lacy skirt pulled together with a belt, made daring by my wonderful beaten up boots. Boom. New outfit. One of my collared work shirts tucked into a flower print skirt, skinny belt around my hips and my strappy brown heels. Another outfit.

Yes, there seems to be a belt in just about every outfit I wear lately. Next to neon polish I am loving all the belt options out there. I have a skinny brown one, a skinny black one, a thick brown one for around my waist and just a standard brown belt for holding up pants. Belts often, for me, pull an outfit together.

There is probably something, atleast one item, in one's closet that has never been worn. I have a couple. But with my push for creativity with my clothing those items have actually seen the light of day. Mostly, for me, the reason I don't wear something is because I don't like how it fits. If it's too big I love wearing one of the belts to pull it together, make it look more fitted, give me more shape.

Sometimes I just have to step out of that box to see what my closet really has to offer. Pair something together that you normally wouldn't, like the collared shirt with a skirt. I usually keep my work shirts completely separate from everything else I wear and certainly never wear them with a cute flowered skirt.

Have fun creating new outfits!

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