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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summery Neutrals

Who knew that summer could be all about the neutral color? Apparently yes, and it makes sense.

By neutrals I mean the colors ivory, gray, beige, blush, and navy. Sounds almost boring right, wearing all neutrals? But its a good option. The colors are nice and light for those hot summer days. If you aren't one for making a statement with your clothes, but still want to look nice this is a great option to work with. Plus it is something that can easily work on the street in the U.P. and not get that up and down look from every woman you meet. 

It's easy to mix and match with looks like this. The colors all meld together great, there is no possible awkwardness between the color shades. To keep from being too boring or monochromatic add texture like embroidery, knits, ruching, and sparkle. 

What I think is great about this look is that finding clothes in these colors is so easy. Plus they are easy to layer other colors over. I already mentioned in a previous post my love of the color slate gray and how easy it is wear with, well...anything, neutrals and beyond. has many great neutral options. I tried to pull some pictures from their website, unfortunately it didn't work. So I will just have to tell you about it and you can check it out for yourself. Old Navy has a lot of embellished tops in an array of colors, cute cardigans, and skirts that are simple (to balance out a busy top) or skirts that are embellished (to balance out a simple top).

To brighten up the look you can always add a pop of color with jewelry, a bag, or even nail polish. I love to add rich colors like maroon and turquoise to my neutrals. Actually, its usually adding neutrals to my colors.

Have fun with these light summery neutrals. Totally rock it down that U.P. sidewalk.

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