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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michigan Fashion, What is it?

In Vogue's June issue, there was a lovely fashion spread centered around America, the beautiful. It profiled key fashions in the Pacific Northwest, Florida, South Carolina, Maine, and Texas. Maine had the chunky fisherman's sweater, the Pacific Northwest had their hiking gear, Texas had the cowboy gear. Which lead me to the question of where is the Midwest in all of this and more specifically Michigan? Eh, who cares about Michigan, what about the U.P? What is the one look that we all rock? For the U.P. some would claim it was flannel, but is it? My grandpa wore it when he worked. I only just got one once it came into fashion and could easily be found at Target (Converse always has a great selection). I don't recall too many of my friends wearing it. So what is it? 
After living in several areas of Michigan, I have discovered that the personal style differs. Metro Detroit is much more fashion savvy, with the women always manicured and Gucci sunglasses nestled against perfectly coiffed hair. Marquette, overrun with the neo-hippie, employs more of a natural look paired with hiking apparel. Escanaba, only an hour away, is none of that, jeans and a shirt kind of place.
For a state that is broken in two, is there any sort of unified look? Part of this blog's journey will be to discover that look and more specifically the great yoop's look. Because the U.P. is what it's all about.

The runway's view on flannel, Isabel Marant:


Flannel in its original, work wear form (still sexy on a guy, at least in the U.P.):

My fun, sorta glam, sorta however-I-want-to-wear-it flannel:

Yes, totally rock the colored tights, you can leave behind the peach heels if you want. Black heels always work. Also, pile on the accessories, bright blingy bracelets, and dangling earrings, even if they don't match. Like always, have fun with you clothes.

The look of the U.P.? Or should we create something better, newer, a look that can only be pulled off in the Yoop? Or have I just completely overlooked that staple, seen so often it has become invisible to me? Whatever this look is, it will be great. 

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