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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brush with Blush

I want to share with you my favorite way of applying blush. It actually makes me look like I have cheekbones.
You will need a contouring blush, which is a blush compact that has three corresponding colors, a dark, medium, and light. Right now I have Covergirl Instant Cheekbones. I bought it awhile ago, so I don't know the name that goes with this specific blush combo, but the number on it is 240 if that helps.

First step. Dab that brush in the darkest shade and sweep it along the bottom of your cheekbone. Suck in your cheeks, do whatever you would do to better define that bone and so better able to apply the blush. You should be sweeping it right above the hollow that your cheeks make when sucking them in. Not in the hollow that would be too low. Blend it out at a slight angle up, again, following the cheekbone, towards your ear.

Next step. Using the medium shade sweep this right along your cheekbone, starting at the apple of your cheek out towards your hairline. Follow the cheekbone, right in the middle of it. It should overlap a little with the darker shade you just applied, so already you have a nice blending of dark to light.

Last step. With the lightest shade brush it along the top of your cheekbone, right in the area where cheek turns into undereye. But not on that delicate skin in your undereye. No one wants to define that usually tired-looking area. Sweep it out, still maintaining the upward sweep, following the cheekbone and you should end at the hairline right below the temple.

And done!

What you have created is a shadow, a dimension that wasn't there before. This is a hot look! But a subtle look. It shouldn't be obvious that you have three swipes of color on your face. Remember, shadow, a subtle dimension has been added, a trick of light.

In ending I leave you with another trick of light courtesy of our U.P. nature:

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