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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beatle Boots, Loafers, and Oxfords

Shoes that I always viewed as old or old ladyish, I am digging the new takes on them right now. Oxfords, loafers, and Beatle boots (I will explain this one in a bit).

Oxfords are my favorite and I can't wait to get a pair.

These two are really cute and courtesy of They are classic looking and probably go with about anything.  Easy to pair them with work outfits, especially if that outfit is boring like mine, which is just a basic collared shirt and black or tan dress pants. A shoe like the first one would be great to up the fashion quotient on the work outfit. The heeled version of the oxford would be cute with a summery skirt. The heel would work better to make your legs look longer, too. Because the top of this shoe is longer, it covers more of the top of your foot so it can make your legs look shorter, especially if your legs are shorter. And of course, they would look great with any sort of jean.

The loafer:

The first loafer is a pretty classic take. It does look like the ones that my grandma has worn. The second one does have a little more of a modern take on it. These you don't just have you wear to work or church. Wear them with whatever they look good with, if thats a pair of work pants or a cute flirty skirt. 

Lastly the Beatle boot. The Beatle boot is named after the boots that the Beatles wore. They are making a come back among the big designers. 

This a more biker take on the look. The narrowness of the toe is what makes me associate these to Beatle boots. Usually they don't have laces, but I thought these looked really cute. They would easily be worn with skinny jeans, shorts and socks, or a skirt and opaque tights (which would be my favorite look). If you want more of a true Beatle look, just google it and quite a few pop up on ebay, even vintage ones.

All the shoes in this post are from They have a great collection of shoes, unfortunately, they don't seem to keep everything, all sizes, in stock. They must sell out quickly and not replenish quickly enough. Plus the shoes aren't that expensive.

Happy trails U.P. girls.

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