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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Summer Outfit Idea

It's summertime and the heat settles and the dust rises and the days become more lazy. Roll down the windows, find a breeze, loll in the heat while its here. 

This is my favorite summertime look, so far, and I want to share it with you.

First don a pair of shorts, the rougher the better. Cutoffs, holes, preferably a longer cut, not super short, but not the length of bermuda shorts. The shorts should be longer than the top you are wearing. They are a lot easier to find now, than years past. American Eagle has a few cute shorts that are that right length. They call them "midi shorts." 
Next add a flowy top, which are everywhere. Give these a chance too. I avoided them because I always felt like they would make me look heavier or pregnant and not at all the skinny bitch that I am. But seriously since I have bought a couple, I love them. Stick to a fabric that is thinner, one that easily drapes. Drape-iness will still glide over your curves but not cling uncomfortably to whatever you don't want hanging out. Plus, if you still aren't comfortable, you can always belt these tops, unless they are empire waisted, then it looks weird.
Add some accessories and you are set for the day. It's cute, it's chic, and its as easy going as a U.P. summer.

However, if you are like me, and freeze any time I go near air conditioning, then a light cardigan is key to staying warm indoors. I just bought a cute one at Target. It's a boyfriend fit, so it's looser, and the sleeves are rolled and go to my elbow. This can just hang loose over your tank and shorts or buttoned or belted (yes, I love the belt. A belt is always a good choice).

For later that night if you do desire to dress up a bit for the trip to the movies or cruising down whatever main street your town has, ditch the cardigan and add a blazer. I love the blazer that I own. I bought it awhile ago from American Eagle and, surprise, it's more of a boyfriend fit. It's not fitted, the sleeves are rolled and shorter, but it is still sexy, especially when paired with a lower cut, feminine top underneath. Blazers are pretty easy to find right now, but find the fit that works perfectly for you. Whether that is fitted, or boyfriend fit or whatever else is out there. The shoulders should not look like something out of the 80's. I still do not understand shoulder pads. A blazer should have more of a defined shoulder, but you shouldn't look like a linebacker ready to take out the other team's quarterback. If a blazer sounds too business-y for you, or after all my talk about boyfriend-fit, sounds like what your boyfriend would wear, you can femme it up a bit by adding a lace shirt underneath. So far I have not found a lace shirt that I like and thus can't recommend one to you, but I think it looks so cute, especially when paired with those dirty, roughed up shorts.

During the day I would usually wear flats, but for going out, dig out the heels. A chunky sandal, a simple black heel, something with a splash of color, or my favorite with this look, ankle booties. And maybe a pair of socks...

Of course, add whatever accessories you love. If the tank is lower cut, wear longer layered necklaces. If you choose a boyfriend fit anything, most likely you are showing off your wrists, so add a couple bracelets. Or you could skip the necklaces and wear some kind of statement earrings like those longer feathered concoctions that are appearing everywhere.

Have fun developing your favorite summer look. 

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