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Thursday, June 2, 2011


The Wedding:

A typical U.P. wedding, ceremony in a small church, reception in a hall big enough to fit you, your date, and the entire city that the bride and groom occupies, plus those out-of-towners who have moved away from the beautiful Yoop.

The Dress:

The accessories:

It's June and thus, wedding season. This fun floral dress (from Old Navy) is perfect for that wedding you have coming up and so easy to accessorize. Pile on the bracelets, find a pair of stilettos to go more dressy. Have a wedding located by always cool Lake Superior? Pair the dress with a cardigan and belt it to give yourself an hourglass figure.

Want to do something a little daring? Or if it is colder than excepted, because it is the U.P. and the weather never does do what one whats it to do. Wear a blazer with a more masculine fit, wider shoulders, narrow waist. Throw on a pair of turquoise or mossy green tights (though they are hard to find now that it's summer) with those heels. The blazer balances out the femininity of the dress and the colors. 

Have another wedding in a couple weeks? Want to save money? Wear the same dress but switch up the accessories. Instead of black heels and black belt, go a little earthy and wear those awesome leather boots (I always love boots, even in the summer) or just brown heels. Accessories could be leather bands, like the ones below from American Eagle, which I am loving right now and want them (They also have an awesome watch on a leather band almost like the one below, that I drool over a little).

The feather necklace is fun and cute, too.

A place to get a similar dress, I found this online store: 

They have really cute chiffon dresses that aren't too expensive, especially if you have multiple weddings. Don't like the florals, they have polka dots, a feather print, and leopard (much too daring for me). These dresses aren't layered like the one above, so slip it up! Also, while on the website, check out the other cute vintage dresses and the absolutely crazy leggings they have. Any sort of legging you have ever been looking for is there. And more.

Have fun at the weddings!

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