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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage on a Cliff

Soooo...When we quick snapped these photos via my husband's iphone and I was staring into the sun, I was trying to remember something about the sun...oh yeah, shadows. Sorry, my husband's shadow looms in just about every photo. I could crop most of him out, but I'm lazy and I hate doing that. 

Besides, cropping him out would lead to cropping out all the foliage around me and the fact that I'm standing on the edge of a cliff. That's right, that is a cliff to the right of me. Not a very big one, but still.

Dress: Vintage, Curious Cargo, Third St Mqt
Cardigan: American Eagle
Belt: came with dress
Earrings: Vintage, Old Bank Building, Iron St Negaunee
Boots: Born shoes

I wore this dress with heels for work and only put the boots on because I was taking my pup for a walk and climbing this big rock. This is actually right outside my apartment building and I've never explored it before. Its always been lost in weeds and trees to me, until I noticed a little path leading to the top. The things that you miss right in front of you, until boom, it's there and you can't ignore it. 

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