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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bring the Hat Back

Things I have been digging lately:

Flapper girl, an esty shop, has these neat-o lady bow ties. And now I want one. I wish Christmas was sooner because this post would be my Christmas list.

Another shop in esty, that is located right here in Mqt, Dusty Luck Vintage. Seriously, check out this dress. It's so pretty, I want it for myself, not even sure it would fit me, but I want it. Hear that Mom, or Husband, or anyone that would buy it for me...They have much more than this here dress, too, like some beautiful accessories to dress up your hair.

Lately and all the fall collections have me addicted. My favorites are Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Works of art. I akin the feeling of looking at the clothes to reading my favorite books. Or like flying. If you follow me on pinterest you can see all my favorites. 
Like these crazy shoes by Alexander McQueen. Looking at them boggles my mind.

Been discovering some nice new blogs. I love doing that. I get inspired and find new things and it's great.
Selective Potential, another great blog, featured this blogger whose style I really liked. Which lead me to this post of her's about the french braid that is braided up the back of her head into a bun. Still trying to do that, and failing, but one day, one day it will work.

Sidewalk Ready

Then somehow I came across this blog, Human Sea, not really sure how, but she had this amazing post about other bloggers and the hats that they wear! I love vintage hats but I never buy them because...because...why not? Because I would get many strange looks, for sure, but they are so pretty looking. Anyway, seeing them actually wear vintage hats made me want to wear them.
Here is a picture of me wearing one from last summer. Anyway, my point is...we should bring the hat back.

One last note before I hurry to class...Thank you for the beautiful comments I've gotten on my last couple of posts. They brighten my day!

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  1. Ohhh I love vintage hats! I have a few that I will be selling soon in fact... if I can part with them. :) Love the blog!

    Dusty Luck Vintage


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