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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

See the Possibilities

What? Another post? Why yes, yes this is. 

So you all know I like to go thrifting and doing that, one has to see the possibilities in the clothing. This dress has been sitting in my closet since last summer when both my sisters said they thought this was so ugly. And part of me thought it was ugly, too. Yet there was something about it that I liked. I bought it. I tried pairing it with different things and nothing looked good. Then I pulled it out a couple weeks ago and did something as simple as throw a sweater over it. Boom. I liked it. Simple, but nice. I didn't get to photograph it that day, but today I dragged my husband out to make sure I got a picture.

Dress: Thrifted
Cardigan: American Eagle
Belt: from dress

I've accumulated quite a few dresses that have a matching belt but I (almost) never wear them with the actual dress. Now I have a drawer full of belts that I don't wear. A lot of them are like the one above, so I've taken to doing, well, what I've done above. Tying them around my waist with a little bow or just a knot, most of the time not with the actual dress. It adds a super girly element to an outfit and a nice pop of color.

Have fun with your belts, dearies. 

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