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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trip to Vintage Land

So I took a partial tour of the antique shops that are apparently, prevalent out in Ispheming and Negaunee.  I only just found out about them earlier this week from a delightful customer. Upon finding out this info, I was torn between being delighted to have more resources and disappointed that there were more sources of vintage clothing, since I want to open a vintage clothing store. 

Mainly these stores are furniture, kitchen gear, books, and for lack of a better word, knick-knacks. These stores were just packed with delicious items, so much so, that even my husband liked looking around. Fun places to poke around in, especially if you want to find a unique present or that just right bit of eclectic decoration. However, there was not much at all for clothing. I did find a pretty purple dress that hopefully I will be able to feature later this week. 

Lowenstein's - 334 Iron Street Negaunee
Nice open floor plan with so much to look at. Almost no clothing but there were a couple cute vintage Coach purses hanging out...

Old Bank Building Antique Shop - 331 Iron Street Negaunee
If you like searching for the antiques, come here, there were so many little rooms and hallways all loaded up with treasures. Not a lot of clothing, but the clothing that they did have was in spectacular shape and beautiful. I will be sure to go there again just to see what they have for clothing.

Tickled Pink - 320 Iron Street Negaunee
Girly store. My husband hated it, except for the old milker that was sitting in the corner. Had a few pieces of clothing, but hard to get at. Had some classic Nancy Drew books but also more than a few psychological books on sex (near the milker, might I add)...

Main Street Antique Mall - 121 S. Main St. Ishpeming
This store had a ton of jewelry. It also had a vintage clothing store on the second floor, but I was very disappointed with what it had. There was a lot of nightgowns, a few jackets, power suits from the eighties and nighties and I don't think I could even make look good. But it is certainly a place I will check out again.

There are more...And if maybe someone wants to go check them out with me, (I can't submit my husband to these places all the time) I can post more about them. 

Oh yeah, here's my outfit

Look how nice the pictures look with a little light.

Sweater: Gap
Shorts: American Eagle
Tights: Kohls
Boots: Madden Girl
Necklaces: here and there and everywhere
Sunglasses: Target

And so nears the end of my spring break. With the time change the light will last longer so hopefully I will still be able to continue regularly posting, instead of just once a week,  but school could prove to be brutal. I'm trying to be chill about it and not freak out continually over it. That proves to just be exhausting. Wish me luck, my readers!

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