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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Power Suit

Another Sunday come and almost gone. How speedy the weeks are flying by; it's hard to pack everything in. But spring has sprung in the U.P., though today is quite chilly. I'm hoping those couple of eighty degree days have brought the bugs out and today's cold has killed them off, especially the ticks. One can hope anyway. 

I had a little adventure today. I was walking my dog on the Noqemanon trail and came across a little beagle. Poor thing was on a mission, just walking, with no owner around. I walked around in the woods with her for an hour, hoping to come across her owner. Well, no one was around and I tried calling the number on her tag and no answer. The dog finally wandered to the Dead River and just sat. My husband and I could not get him to move. We ended up carrying her home, where she just laid down and slept. My husband put a post up on Facebook and within a half hour his brother had called him, saying he had seen a post from a former classmate about her dog being lost. He hooked us up with the owner's number, found out the dog was really sick and she had worried she had wandered off to die. My husband and I had left to go to a pancake breakfast and we raced home to make sure the dog was alive. She was, and a bit chipper than when I first found her. Anyway, she was returned to her rightful owner via facebook. Who would have guessed. 

And here is what was called my "power suit" at work the other day, because, you know, every part-time teller needs a power suit. 

Blazer: American Eagle
Tank: Forever 21
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Payless

My favorite thing about this outfit is the balance, boyfriend blazer over pencil skirt, flowy tank and long necklaces with a shorter skirt and high heels. Sorry, I don't have any close ups, we ended up taking these pictures with my husband's phone and it was cold out, plus really awkward walking on soft soil in heels. 

I'm done rambling. You all have a good week. 

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