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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hunting Season II

Hunting Season II: Another round of photos taken at hunting camp. I should have gotten some shots of the actual hunters, but they aren't as cute as me.


I've got the Grinch smile going on. See it? Like, yeah I'm goin' to go steal myself some Christmas. But not really. Check out the retro earring.

See orange vest. It looks good with everything during hunting season, mostly because it needs to be worn in the woods.

Shirt: Target, ages ago
Tank: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Payless
Jewelry: Vintage

This weekend I'm going to try and get some Christmas up in my photos because it's that time of the year and I'm so excited! In fact later today we are going to get our tree. My husband is pulling for a Charlie Brown tree and I like a giant, pretty, full tree. What do you all prefer?

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