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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blazing on the Trunk of a Car

Does this title sound bad? I'm blazing a duby while sitting on a car instead of wearing a blazer while posing on the trunk of a car? Oh well, I like it.
Okay, so these pictures aren't exactly close-ups of my clothing, but these were so fun taking them I kinda forgot the reason why I was having my sister take pictures of me. 
This mini junkyard is located at my grandparent's camp. The cars are taken there to retire and usually robbed of parts to keep other vehicles going. And I thought it would be a perfect place to stand on a car and act a little badass-ish.

Orange hat, have to wear it in the woods during hunting season. Have I talked about this yet? Hunting season? So... this holiday arrives in the U.P. every year on November the 14th. It's such a big holiday, school's like the one I attended growing up, actually had the say off. And this great holiday is the first day of deer hunting season. Many men, and women, load up their cars with food, booze, guns, and bait and head out to deer camp. There they get up at first light and head out to their blind and sit in the freezing cold waiting for that giant buck to pause at their bait pile long enough to become venison sausage. Yum yum.

 And here is one of my lovely sisters, baring a little sexy shoulder.

This was right after I almost fell off the car. Literally, I slipped and almost fell off the car.

Here is my other sister! Again, bearing a shoulder. I see a trend happening here...Something I should try?

My sister taking a picture of me through a tree. With me wondering why my sister is crouched behind a tree.

Tank: Kohls
Tights: Kohls
Boots: Madden Girl via DSW

And yep, there is another hunting season post, where the orange must be included.

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