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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I got one of the most amazing Christmas gifts ever, and I have to do a quick post on it. 

Recall a few weeks ago when I had a tour of my great-grandmother's house? Check out that post here. I had asked my grandma if we could get any of the amazing pieces of history that were left behind. Now everything was already priced to rummage, so my grandmother said she would speak to her brother, who owns the property, if she could get anything for us. 

Well, times passed and Christmas day arrived and we all gathered at my Grandma's house to open presents. As we opened our presents I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed with the gift from my Grandma. Christmas tree bulbs? That was it? 

Then when everyone was done opening their presents Grandma stood up and said to my sister, her husband, me and my husband to ajoin to another part of the house. 

She opened the door to a bedroom and set up inside was the very items we had wanted from great-grandmother's house all fixed up and beautiful looking. Mind blowing the work she and my grandpa did. 

This odd chair will grace my sister's bedroom.

My husband loved this folding chair because he thought it was unique looking and will probably take up residence in my second bedroom witch is basically my closet and storage.

This is the chair that my grandma spent forever on because as she worked on it, it was falling apart. Check out how it originally looked here.

I didn't get pictures of everything. But once I get it set up in the house which won't be for awhile (after all the christmas stuff is put away), I will get pictures.

Honestly, I have the best grandparents ever.

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