Don't worry, there won't be flannel, or rather, there won't be much flannel.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Just quickly posting this as I chow down on mac and cheese and take a wee break from studying.

Discovered this delightful gem via Vogue. She's a 15 year old with a gorgeous voice and seems to wear appropriate attire for such an age, which is refreshing!

Check out the song, it's beautiful, and all her other songs, too. 

Later today I will hopefully be able to get a more complete post up, because you all miss me don't you. It's okay, I miss you too. Alot, actually. Blogging is...okay, gotta wrap this sentimental stuff up and get back to smashing my head with books, which I call the memorization process, to prepare for my tests...blah.

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