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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Curious Lengths

I found this dress in a nearby vintage store, which I've plugged before, Curious Cargo, located in the Village in Marquette, MI. 

(Sorry about the darkness of the photos. The light was fading when my sister took these, but with the flash it looked like full dark had fallen.)
I really like this dress. It fits perfectly. I should have taken a picture of it without the sweater. And a close up of the texture and print. The shoulders are so cute and a little hard to describe. Later I will take another photo, when it's warm enough to bear my arms. 

I wore it for the first time today on a trip home to bake Christmas cookies with all the girls. I got mixed reactions. From my Grandma, "I used to wear something similar." From my mom and twin sister, "I like the top, but not the bottom. It needs to be shorter." From my younger sister she just offered the appealing answer of "I really like it." Then from an Aunt, " actually wear other people's old clothes?"
Why yes, yes I do. 
Now there are a couple reasons I like to wear vintage: I have always liked history and that which is not from my time is usually fascinating to me. Second, I like wearing something different, and often the outfits that I get the most compliments on happen to have an element of vintage.

However...this wearing vintage is an near foreign idea up here in the Yoop. Often the older fashions have a longer skirt. Right? And is often more modest (at least the ones that I find). This is the issue I get hung up on. That others get hung up on. 
Here I am in a longer skirt and I often hear the criticism of make it shorter and it will be cuter. But I like the longer skirts. They are flowy and pretty and just feel very feminine. Yet at other times, usually when I am wrapped up in boots and a winter jacket I look down and I think, huh, frump. But it is at these times when I'm really thinking about what others are thinking of me. 
 Should I win these haters over or chop the length off this pretty dress?

Showing a little slip...

Dress: Vintage
Sweater: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Flats: Target

What do you all think of this? Long, short? 

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