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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thought Provoking and the Owl

What? It's a Friday night and here I am writing a blog post? Yes, I've finally getting to it. I mentioned in a previous post that when I find a good book I'm obsessed until done. Well, I stumbled across a trilogy. Author's name is Libba Bray and her trilogy is of the Young Adult sort but I am fascinated by where you find thought provoking writing. It doesn't necessarily need to be in some heavy tome lost under layers of dust in a library or in a text book. Those best seller books that we deride for being so terrible or cheesy (Twilight series come to mind?) are really important because they say so much about us, as a culture, as humans, as subjects (not individuals, there is no such thing as an individual). The question being, why are these books so big (like Fifty Shades of Grey, what is the deal with that book?), why is everyone reading them? 
But maybe I say this about contemporary literature because I'm lazy and don't want to try at reading, like Nietzsche or Derrida. It's probably why I'm not going for my Master's in literature.
Anyway, if you're interested these are the titles of the books:
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Rebel Angels
The Sweet Far Thing

Oh, and on to the point of this blog:

I wore this to my sister's graduation party. Chic and chill for a party taking place on a lawn. If over 21 just add a beer and the outfit is perfect.

When taking these pictures I didn't notice that owl lawn ornament thing but now that's all I keep staring at.

Over the shoulder look. A favorite recently.

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Maurices
The off centered Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: JC Penney
Necklaces: Lying in the bottom of my jewelry box

And to end this post, another wildflower, of the rose sort, born alongside the road.

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