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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hark the Hail

What a week, the things that have happened. Long hours at work (nice paycheck, though, can't complain) where weird things were happening, car problems, went home because of the car and my dad decided it was the day to cut down a big tree out of the yard, and, oh yeah, the giant hail that fell on my car. I didn't even get any good outfit posts out of the week. It was just uncomfortable outfit after uncomfortable outfit.

First there is a melange of all the pictures I've taken recently, particularly all the beautiful flowers that are in bloom right now.

Almost every trip I have taken recently, I have come across these cranes. This time I stopped the car to snap a picture. This is as close as I could get to them. Wish I had a better picture, but they kept moving away from me. They are such beautiful graceful birds.

Sweet moth.

This weekend we headed to my parents house to have my dad take a look at the starter on my car and I knew we would end up helping them with something for my sister's graduation party that is scheduled for next weekend (really excited). And we did. We pressure washed the front of the house and then Dad decided to cut down this huge branch that hangs over the house. I have a couple pictures of that event. Just to showcase how it's never dull around my parent's house. Anyway, this leads me to my outfit post...

Finally, right? So, I didn't particularly care for this outfit, but I wanted something chill, something I can work in, something comfortable. And my sisters liked it, so I decided to post it. That, and I get a lot of flack for, sometimes admiration, for dressing up for events that a skirt is not needed, like heading to camp or helping to cut down a tree. And there is me in a skirt. I say, why not? As long as the skirt covers your butt, and you're not in danger of wrecking it (sawdust can be brushed off, not so much with varnish or paint, for example) wear it while you work...Plus it was so hot that day, which can be so brutal when you are working outside, a skirt and a loose tank are awesome. Skirt + outside work = justified. Even if you don't like my reasons, or excuses, however you want to look at it, maybe I do it just to shake those naysayers up. I'm a rebel, right?

Dad and bro-in-law up in a bucket. When you cut such a huge branch over a house, you don't cut the whole thing down, just pieces at a time. 

I'm not sure what I'm doing...maybe admiring the fence my dad just put up. He did such a beautiful job. He still surprises me with his creativity. 

Swim suit on, all ready to get out of the heat and into a pool.

Skirt: Old Navy
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Swim suit top: Old Navy
Necklaces: Collected, gifted from here and there
Sunnies: Target
Purse: Thrifted via my mom

One last picture to end this long post: the size of the hail hitting my poor pitted car. Golf ball sized hail. It was crazy. I've never seen them so big. 

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