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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Five Minute Saturday Project

This idea popped into my head last week and I decided in the few spare minutes I had before heading out of town this weekend to implement this idea. Now this idea is not originally mine...I'm sure I got it somewhere, but where, eh? Who knows.

I discovered these pins I had bought a while ago when I was under the illusion that I would sew. Ha, right. One day, though, I promise you my brand new sewing machine that is still sitting in a container, I will use you. One day...

I currently don't have a jewelry box, I have a plastic container where all my necklaces mix and mingle and tangle, thus frustrate occasionally. We have a decently sized apartment but space is still limited so why not hang something pretty on the wall instead of hiding it in a plastic container. Right, right? 

Have I titillated you enough with this long accumulation of seemingly unrelated paragraphs? Okay, here are the pictures of what I did:

My wee little bathroom...

See the pins? I just knocked them into the wall a bit with a hammer. I just wouldn't hang anything crazy heavy like those giant statement necklaces on them.

I was trying to be artistic when taking these pictures. I thought it looked pretty, hanging up my most frequently used necklaces and bracelets. Then they don't get tangled or lost or broken. 

Have any cool little ideas for sprucing up a place? I still haven't hung much on the walls, so white walls pretty much stare at me all day. 

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