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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ugly bridesmaid dresses

So, I just want to post this because I think it's fun and funny. 

My sister is getting married in September and her bridal shower is quickly approaching, then the party begins, with her bachelorette party following on the same night. The theme for this great tradition is ugly bridesmaid dresses. We have all seen them, especially if you have seen the movie 21 Dresses. When hearing this theme my mother-in-law sent me on a search for some mythical ugly dress (still haven't found it), and in this search we came across other left behind ugly dresses and they are so brilliantly ugly I have to share it with you all. And keep repeating the word ugly.

I'm just so excited for this, it's going to be so much fun. For the invitation, to give the girls the right idea, I wanted a couple pictures of these dresses. One bridesmaid already has the wrong idea. I don't want the girls showing up in pretty dresses. You need to ugly up for the bride! Do it for the bride! Also, my sister will be wearing an ugly wedding dress, too. Fun, right? Who wouldn't want to do this?

I only have a couple pictures of the dresses that I want to share with you as it was so hot we could only bare to stay in them long enough for one shot. It is bordering on 100 degrees up here. I just hope the night of the bachelorette party is much, much cooler.

Here they are:

Straight 80's here and not flattering at all, sorry school hood chum.

This is an actual bridesmaid dress that my mother-in-law wore to her sister's wedding. What was her sister thinking?
I makes me wonder how the bridesmaid dress that I picked out for my girls will be viewed in ten, twenty years. I'm hoping it's still pretty. 

Other than the dresses, I'm wondering if there is anything else we should add to the outfits besides penis whistles and a shot glass in hand? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I can't wait to see what the other girls are going to come up with. I know very well that some of them will dream up something amazing ugly. And when it happens I will try to get more pictures posted.

Lastly, I want to make this last comment. I love the difference in thought concerning dresses like this. These two, particularly the last one, are pieces that could easily be found in a vintage store downstate and priced at 60 dollars or more. Yet, here in the U.P. we are trying to utterly destroy them with booze and laughs. 

Oh, what fun this will be (to the tune of jingle bells, with a manical laugh)...


  1. this is a great idea for a fun night. So why would these dresses cost so much more downstate in a vintage store and they are ugly?

  2. Because they have the title "vintage"...


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