Don't worry, there won't be flannel, or rather, there won't be much flannel.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Skirts are Dangerous

Today has not been going that well. We got turned down on a still homeless (if I didn't mention it, we have no place to live but my in-laws). Stepped in dog poop...Husband is sick (however I do have the excuse to make chicken noodle soup), still don't have a job, and I am utterly uninspired, as evidenced by the pile of clothes I tried on today trying to come up with an outfit and still don't know if I got it exactly right. All I keep thinking about is all the clothes that I don't own and the clothing that my mom picked out for me at a thrift store (what would she pick out for me?)...

Here is the outfit that I put together today after much debate and much changing and many, many sighs:

Skirt: thrifted
Shirt: My mom gave it to me
Bracelets: here and there

I find that I like long skirts. They are free and floaty and I can't help but feel pretty in I end up looking like an old lady? Possibly in this skirt - little sister who said this skirt did look old lady-ish, needs to comment - but I love it for some reason. I tried to update the skirt by adding a pop of color with the shirt, and adding a neon green to my nails (you can see it glowing  in the first shot). Also, like the bracelets around my ankle? I thought it was cute.

Long skirts, I don't think need to be old-ladyish. They are popping up more and more. But I find that girl's my age stay away from longer skirts unless its a bridesmaid dress (Hint: I have an idea on re-wearing such a dress, look for a post later on it) or prom dress. Since when does such a length have to belong to an older generation? If it looks good, rock it, right? Girl's of the U.P. stop looking at me weird if I am in a longer skirt and try it yourself! On another note, I finally got that chiffon skirt from and the next time I wear it I will make sure I get a picture of it. It's cute, not that well made, but cute.

If you decide to take this look up just be careful climbing the stairs. You can accidentally trip on the hem if your arms are full of laundry, the dog is scrambling to get around you, and the stairs are particularly steep, because that so did not happen to me...and one more ellipsis to finish out the day, because I'm addicted...


  1. I think it does look a little old lady-ish but if it was shortened up just a little bit... then I think it would look like a twenty something wearing it instead of her great-great grandmother!

  2. It does NOT look old lady-ish! It looks lovely and comfortable and modest!

    1. Thanks, I love wearing long skirts. They are great for work, especially if you work in cold air conditioning, they offer a bit more warmth. And still feel so pretty.


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