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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Pants

What I want right now:

Red pants!

This flame colored pair is from J Crew. I like how this pair is more of a striaght leg that could easily be born tucked into boots or with heels or flats...oh, the possibilites.

This pair is from H&M. I like the looser fit. They look nice and summery and could be worn as more of a sporty look like in this picture or easily dressed up.

This pair is from topshop. Skinnies!

I think they are all cute, adorable. I know it's red and the first color that pops into my head is black. But so much more can work with this. Yellow, blue if you want to rock an American look, purple is what I'm thinking right now, maybe even a lavender. Something striped would be totally on trend. A lace top would be cute. Red pants I feel have a more rocker feel and the lace would...soften it up or make it more rock n roller...or they would look cute with a blazer and some bright tank underneath.

I just got these amazing boots and the skinny pair would look amazing!

And they fold down so you can see that cute flannel fabric!

 Boots: Madden Girl

This would be a good look to rock on the first day of school as the leaves are just starting to be twinged with the lightest shade of color and the first cool breeze of the new season wafts across campus. Too soon? Yeah, I thought so too. How about Saturday night then? After a day at the beach? Sounds better to me too.

Now, where to find them around here, in the U.P., if you don't want to shop online? Pants are hard to shop online, you have to try them on. Well, I don't really know. Yet. This weekend I will be hitting up the mall and I will search for a pair. Sometimes, though, sad to say, that which the big designers have, we in the midwest don't have. Yet. Red is a big color for the fall so it will just be a matter of time before I find a pair or two or ten. If not, its time to hit up Appleton. I will keep you updated!

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  1. Love those red pants! I really want a pair too!


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