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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Eye of the Storm

I took a break from homework and my husband, my puppy and I went for a walk in the crazy warm weather we are having. All of our snow is melting and it's February. Usually we are still in the middle of a deep freeze. That's okay with me. I love the feeling of spring, the hope and warmth of a new season approaching. And if it happens earlier, all the better right? But I can't shake this feeling that winter will still come and it will drag on, like right now we are in the eye of the storm and all is calm, but the eye will move on and the storm will continue. 

Okay, lets just ignore my hair in these photos, except for the first photo, because I don't know whats going on with it today. Just weirdness. Anyway...

This is one of the vintage dresses that I got for myself on my birthday. This print is a little unconventional for me, but I like it. 

Dress: Vintage, via Curious Cargo
cardigan: Target
Belt: vintage, via a dress bought from Red Velvet
Necklace: Claires, maybe

And now back to regular scheduled homework. Depressing. I very much dislike my classes this semester. Anyone have any helpful tips on how to get through classes you absolutely detest but need for that degree in that subject you forgot that you liked? Sigh. 

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