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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day and a little black dress

These photos were taken right before I took my dog on a walk, I was also all ready and dressed for dinner. The sun behind me makes this outfit look a little boring. Which is unfortunate, because it is hot.

Can you kind of see the cutouts on my shoulders? I tried to get a better picture of them, but again, it didn't turn out.

All the pictures look like I am wearing black tights, but actually, I am wearing purple tights with patterned tights over it. It looks sweet. Just, you know, try and imagine it...Actually, look at this past post and imagine purple in place of green and black in place of nude. 

For my birthday, my little sister made me a bunch of these pins with vintage buttons glued to them. Pretty, eh?

After these pictures were taken I switched out the heels for a pair of boots and pulled on a jacket and gloves and proceeded to walk in the woods with my super hyper dog. Which I then realized how odd that must look: a girl in a little black dress and pretty patterned tights, dressed more for a party than the woods, out on a trail in 20 degree weather. Odd, she would appear among the snow drifts and spruce trees, like some specter of a past party. Then I thought...what does it matter? Why do we have certain rules for when and where we can and can't wear certain clothes. 

Why does it matter? I would prefer to wear skirts all the time. Hell, a couple pair of tights and a longer skirt are warmer than jeans. 

Okay, I am done with questioning societal doings. Any Valentine's day plans? We are having ours tonight, dinner and a movie. I'm quickly writing this between the dinner and the movie. Simple plans, but extremely pleasant. Especially after the week, which can be so draining. 

Happy Valentine's day, all.

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