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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great-Grandma's Cool Stuff

My Great-Grandmother's house is soon to be demolished. It has fallen into disrepair the last few years and before it was erased I wanted to show my husband who, of course, never knew her, to see the house.

The house is still pretty full of stuff as there is going to be a garage sale (estate sale?) before the demolition and I took pictures! Hopefully I end up with some of the remaining artifacts, too. 

A painting hanging out in the living room that I liked.

This is the couch. I wish I could have taken it with me. Got it fixed up. Unfortunately I do not have the room.

This is a shot of the floor in one of the upstairs bedrooms. This is the linoleum. How sweet is this? I have never seen linoleum like this before.

An older phone, not sure if it's actually vintage because this wasn't the original phone (other people lived in the house after my great-grandmother, one happened to be an interior-designer).

This is a pie safe? Food is out but at the same time covered? I think? 

Cool Bottles

Sweet clock

This chair my husband and I want. It is from the '20's and in very good condition except for the seat cushion. We are waiting to see if we can get it. Gotta ask the relatives, go through that whole rigamarole.

A flour sifter!

Right now I am in love with vintage or vintage-looking stuff. I have always loved history, old stuff. Look at everything that caught my eye at my great-grandmother's house. It's all so detailed. Flour sifters today are usually just stainless steel with no pretty decorations on it. Couches don't have an embroidered pattern on the cushions, linoleum doesn't have elaborate, brightly colored details. Stuff isn't like that today. Why? What happened to the details?

Anyway, I thought some of you all would appreciate this little bit of history. I have a couple sweet posts coming up! 

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