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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Study outfit and a plethora of stripes

With the start of school, Sunday is usually not fun day. I sit there for long hours pouring over whatever chapter I have to have read, or homework assignment, or test to study for. So then does it matter what I end up wearing when I'm just huddled on the couch clinging to a pen and notebook, studiously taking notes?
Reason One) It's fun to put different outfits together with clothing one never thought to put together before. 
Reason Two) I now work at a pretty conservative place, so the weekends are my time to get a little crazy with my clothing.
Reason Three) It bears repeating, it's fun. I never was a sweatpants/sweatshirt type of girl.

Here is my study outfit for this Sunday:

Both Tanks: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: Not sure...
Spandex: Under Armor
Shoes: Really, you can't tell?

I have to show you the inside of my shoes. You will not find this in any store that sells Nike. My husband made me these and I like to show these off to anyone who will look at the inside of my shoes. He is an orthotist and makes braces and inserts for flat footed people like me! (and more, google what an orthotist does if you want). They match my shoes! How awesome is this! Lets give my husband a few more explanation points!!!

Stripes, stripes anyone? Comfy outfit, really. The stripes just made it more so. I love this look for some reason and I can't tell you why. Just layer on a bunch of stripes, add slightly disheveled hair and see how you feel. Fun, that's what that feeling is.

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  1. Cute and comfy outfit! I love stripes! Your blog idea is so awesome - I love the upper peninsula SO much. xo


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