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Friday, September 16, 2011

Harlow Lake and Red Tights

It has been a long week! Sooo...long. But now it is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow!

I am sitting here waiting for my chicken noodle soup to finish delish-ifying itself in a crock pot. Yep, a crock pot, we'll have to see how that goes. And I want to share some pictures of the beautiful Harlow Lake, which is located just outside of Marquette, that was taken a couple weekends ago.

I feel like I am failing a little in the outfit area, especially since I haven't posted all week, I should come back with something amazing right? Well, I'm hoping the red tights and the scenery make up for the, in my opinion, a mediocre outfit. 

Cabins you can stay at, I would love to do it next summer for a weekend. 

Glasses I found on the ground, and I felt like I was finding the ancient artifact of a lost people by coming across this piece of lost civilization in the middle of the woods, thus the picture.

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Madden Girl
Belt: Kohls
Sunglasses: Target

I don't know if anyone out there does this, but play with outfits until it finally looks perfect. Well, this outfit needs some tweeking. But I love the red tights. Love colored tights so much! But what about colored tights at work? Any opinions? Yay or nay?

Sister's wedding is next weekend so hopefully I will get some great posts up, especially one on rewearing the bridesmaid dress. Yes, it is possible.


  1. Ah, did you know that I plan to have my wedding party PARTY at those cabins before the wedding? yesssssss

  2. Yes!!! I will crash that. Then do a dance around the fire chanting the wedding march.


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