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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boxy Red

Is it obvious that I took these photos awhile ago? When it was warm and green? Sigh. I do miss it, yet at the same time I eagerly await the first snowfall. 

The boxy look is in this fall and it's a look I never thought I would like. Until I saw my sister wear this jacket and I was jealous. So, now I always say, never rule out anything. There are so many things I've said I would never wear and yet, I find myself at least trying them.
One last note, notice that I've paired the short jacket with a skirt that goes high up on the waist. The high waist balances the shortness of the jacket. 

Tank: stolen from my sister
Skirt: mother-in-laws
Jacket: given to me by my sister
Boots: Born shoes
Watch: American Eagle

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