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Monday, August 13, 2012

Race Me

This past weekend was the Bark River U.P. Offroad Races! So I thought I would talk a bit about what to wear in the dirt and the dust. Because the races are all about dirt and dust. And trucks and buggies on a dirt track full of jumps and tight corners, in case you don't know what the races are. Here's a link to learn more: 

In my part of the country this is a pretty big weekend. It's a whole weekend of sitting on a hill in the sun, dirt, ingesting alcohol if you happen to be that age, and meeting everyone you have ever known.

So all those factors mean dress simply and probably avoid white.

The truck behind me is what would race out on the track. And see that drain underneath it, the land was sloped down to it and the drunk people kept sloshing their way down to it. Liquid always runs downhill.

Tank: Kohls
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Payless

A light blouse like this was actually amazing to be wearing out in the hot sun. With a tank underneath, it didn't cling or show sweat (not that I do that...).

I also wanted to include in this post my sister, who is wearing something much more Bark River. And awesome.

She is wearing a vintage off road shirt. Between the two of us we have quite a few from the early nineties, and a few older ones from parents and aunts. 

Bark River is a much more t shirt and jeans sort of place. And seeing her shirt made me think I should dig out some of my old racing shirts and see what I can do with them...Maybe by this weekend you might see something.

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